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11/23: Laurie Lipton Signs New Book Tonight at La Luz de Jesus

My drawings take longer to create than a painting of equal size and detail

Laurie Lipton will be at La Luz de Jesus Gallery tonight, Saturday November 23 between 7-10 PM signing and talking about the new collection of her art, The Drawings of Laurie Lipton. The book is a comprehensive collection of Lipton’s fantastic, painstakingly-detailed hand-drawn images. Lipton will be discussing her book and drawings at 8:30 PM.

LIP_0710_ 012


In her new book, a conversation between Lipton and  Mike McGee, director of the Begovich Gallery and a professor at Cal State University, Fullerton, offers insights into her personal history, motivations and creative process. Lipton’s brief notes about several specific artworks offer further anecdotes and context.

Lipton was inspired by the religious paintings of the Flemish School. She tried to teach herself how to paint in the style of the 16th century Dutch Masters and failed. When traveling around Europe as a student, she began developing her very own peculiar drawing technique building up tone with thousands of fine cross-hatching lines like an egg tempera painting.

It’s an insane way to draw but the resulting detail and luminosity is worth the amount of effort. My drawings take longer to create than a painting of equal size and detail.

ROUND & ROUND2012,37x53_

Round and Round

It was all abstract and conceptual art when I attended university. My teachers told me that figurative art went “out” in the Middle Ages and that I should express myself using form and shapes, but splashes on canvas and rocks on the floor bored me. I knew what I wanted: to create something no one had ever seen before, something that was brewing in the back of my brain. What I wanted fell between “isms”. It wasn’t “surreal”, it wasn’t “real”… it was lurking between the two. I used to sit for hours in the library copying Durer, Memling, Van Eyck, Goya and Rembrandt. The photographer, Diane Arbus, was another of my inspirations. Her use of black and white hit me at the core of my Being. Black and white is the color of ancient photographs and old TV shows… it is the color of ghosts, longing, time passing, memory, and madness. Black and white ached. I realized that it was perfect for the imagery in my work.

Laurie Lipton was the first person to graduate from Carnegie-Mellon University in Pennsylvania with a Fine Arts Degree in Drawing (with honors). She has lived in Holland, Belgium, Germany, France, and London, and has recently moved back to the USA after 36 years abroad. Her work has been exhibited extensively throughout Europe and the USA.



Book details:

The Drawings of Laurie Lipton
Hardcover 160 pages
ISBN-13: 9780867197846
Publisher: Last Gasp of San Francisco
1 x 8.9 x 11.8 inches
shipping weight: 3 pounds

or call the book store at (323) 663-0122 to reserve a signed copy of the book.

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