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In 2013 Art Nerd has partnered with many art museums, nonprofits and the following art fairs: SCOPE NY March 2013, AAF NY April 2013, Pulse NY May 2013, ArtPad SF May 2013, artMKT Hamptons July 2013, Fountain Chicago Sept. 2013.   Forthcoming partnerships are slated with AAF Seattle November 2013, SCOPE Miami December 2013 and the LA Art Show January 2014.

Our demographic data all suggests our readers are primarily 25 – 45, well-educated with a high household income of over $100,000/year, see: for more information and available ad sizes.

In March/April 2013 (pre-expansion) received 8,400 visits, 25,100 pageviews a month.

In July/August 2013 averaged 11,000 visits, 22,000 pageviews a month.

In September/October 2013 (post-Chicago launch) received 14,900 visits, 26,200 pageviews a month.

Our goal is to launch a successful and sustainable membership program in 2013-4 with the long-term goal of being acquired by the right lifestyle/online media/publishing company. We’re looking for partners and investors that can help expand our coverage, events and brand awareness across the US and abroad (boutique arty hotels are ideal). We’ll be hosting more media, VIP and membership Art Nerd events¬†across the US, but mostly in the New York and Los Angeles areas in 2013-4.

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